• Don't tell God how big your storm is, tell the storm how big your God is....

Your business needs electricity. You probably don't even think about your electrical needs until the power goes out. Just for a moment, imagine running your business without electricity:

  • Without exterior lighting and lighted signs, your customers can't find you.
  • Without interior lighting, your customers can't enter your business safely.
  • Without interior lighting, your employees are working with flashlights and candles.
  • Without computers, fax machines, copiers, and cash registers, business suddenly becomes very difficult. Even your phone system relies on electricity. The phone lines may work, but the system requires electricity.

Hopefully this would be a short-term problem, but how long can your business stay 'out of commission' due to electrical problems? How much business will you lose each day? Each hour?

Satterfield & Ryan wants to make sure you don't lose any business. We will work with you to achieve an economical solution to all your commercial electrical needs.

  • Exterior Lighting Solutions - Installation and Repairs
  • High Voltage - Installation, Repairs, and Maintenance
  • Interior Lighting Solutions - Installation and Repairs
  • Electrical Generators - Backup electricity to keep you in business when the power fails
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